How to design a kitchen and bathroom mood board?

A mood board represents your ideas visually including photos, text and samples of materials or objects. You can create a mood board out of any topic or for example any space.

Mood boards are an excellent way to construct your thoughts and visually see how for instance different colours and materials work together. It can also help when you are trying to explain what you want your design to look like. We have included elements that help you start to create your mood board, whether you are creating it on paper or digitally.

1. Colours

Add your favourite colours to the board and see how they work together. You can also view whether you colour palette is missing darker tones for contrast or lighter colours if the space is small.

2. Style

Whether you are planning a bathroom or kitchen design and are looking for ideas, consider if you prefer modern, traditional or contemporary style. For instance, if you are looking for kitchen ideas from Pinterest, save the images you like and add them to your moodboard. Like this you are able to compare whether to go forward with a more modern style or mix two styles together.

3. Textures

Choose textures such as wood, glossy tiles and metal to create certain type of feeling in the space. Textures are especially important in interior design for visually impaired individuals who see through touch. However, to create a space you feel at home, you should choose materials that feel comfortable for you. For instance, a person who has lived their whole life near nature is likely to include wooden materials in their design.

4. Details

Add any paintings or prints that you might want to add to the interior and is the key inspiration behind the design. If you have found a beautiful bath that you insist on using, add a photo of the bath to the mood board. Any items, details or objects that you wish to include in the design should be viewed next to the colours, style and texture you have chosen.

Digital mood board makers

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