The Best Kitchen & Bathroom Interior Design Trends for Autumn 2022

When the nights turn colder, the leaves start falling and you can see people running to HomeSense to buy decorations for the season – autumn has arrived. The Best Kitchen & Bathroom Interior Design Trends for Autumn 2022 include adding open shelves for your kitchen and going bold with the wallpaper patterns. The following list includes tips for you to update your home to match the season.

This season is all about warmer and bolder tones and adding interesting details to your design.

Danielle – Interior Designer

1. Open Kitchen Shelves

You can present your wine glasses, jars and beautiful dishes by including open shelves in the design. We often own beautiful handmade tea pots that are hidden away in our cabinets, but removing doors makes your interior feel more personal. This also makes especially a small space feel more airy and less formal. Also, if your kitchen is very modern, minimal and clinical, add wooden shelves to the space to soften the atmosphere. Visit our kitchens page to find inspiration for your interior.

2. Rich & Bold Wall Patterns

The pattern of increased boldness in wall patterns is clear. We can see wild wallpapers with rich colours with a lot of contrast and tiles with beautiful patterns that are almost like a piece of art. Our clients are constantly requesting darker tones and more boldness in all designs. One of our favourite projects recently included adding a beautiful colourful wallpaper in an Alice in Wonderland inspired cloak room. As often small spaces require neutral and bright tones to maximise the space, this looked amazing with a more bold choice.

We recommend including the same tones in the wallpaper or tiles and the rest of the space. By doing this you can make sure that the bold walls fit to the design seamlessly.

3. Simple designs

While bold walls might be popular at the moment, minimalism and simplicity in design are still going strong. By maintaining your accessories to minimal and including furniture in your space that create calmness, such as large grey sofas or furniture made of natural elements, you can add more contrast with bolder wall colour choices. Scandinavian design is an excellent example of simple design. Find furniture into your space from IKEA and Jysk.

Our designers love including bold elements in the design but always make sure that the overall atmosphere is calm and warm. This is especially important as autumn is the season when we start spending more time in our homes and enjoy the peace after often eventful summer.

4. Wall panelling

As one of the most popular DYI project for British people, wall panelling remains its popularity throughout the years. We fully understand why: the room gains more character for instance with a focal point wall panelling around the television or WC. Wall panelling is also a relatively cost-effective way to add the classic touch into a modern space and also makes the space appear more higher end and luxurious.

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