A Brief Chat with Danielle

Join us for a discussion with one of our interior designers, Danielle, about her thoughts about interior design and her dreams for the future. Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, Danielle’s favourite, and get to know her better.

1. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

“Usually from day-to-day life, visiting restaurants and coffee shops with beautiful interiors. I also get inspired by other designers’ work and often create my own version of them. Overall, aesthetically pleasing places and also nature inspires me a lot. I would say the best places to go for inspiration online are Pinterest and magazines.”

2. What is a good design?

“From a functional point of view, the design needs to work for the user. The most important thing, in my opinion, is efficiency and focusing on how to best maximise it. Naturally, the design also needs to be pleasing to the eye.”

3. How would you describe a good designer?

“A good designer should be honest and open about the project and what is possible. They also can think outside the box and have the confidence to be different. In my opinion, good designers recognise a good space. They can see the opportunities that it offers in terms of design.”

4. Is there a specific interior design dream you wish to fulfil in the future?

“I think it every designer’s dream to own their own company and want clients to choose the company because of the individual style of my own, which is contemporary. Developing myself into a brand is definitely something I wish to do soon.”

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