A Peppermint Cup of Tea with Josh

We briefly chat with one of our designers, Josh, about his opinions about good interior design and where he sees his career going in future. Josh loves peppermint tea, so grab a cup of steaming and get to know him better.

1. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

“Most common places I go for inspiration are Pinterest, Dezeen magazine, social media and any past projects. In terms of deeper inspiration, Biophilic design, especially the mathematical properties within nature such as Fibonacci and Sequence. I get a lot of my inspiration overall from nature.”

2. What is a good design?

“A good design is well thought out, works efficiently for the user and is highly functional. It is also important for the space to be aesthetically pleasing.”

3. How would you describe a good designer?

“A good designer is recognised as a good designer by the industry and who people specifically go to for designs. They are unique and have their own style that is easily distinguishable. They are often slightly controversial in a way that attracts the people’s attention in the industry.”

4. Is there a specific interior design dream you wish to fulfil in the future?

“I want to be recognised as a brand. Will definitely want to be eventually a commercial designer, for instance, design hotels and restaurants. That is because the spaces are larger, and the design is more important.”

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