Corporate Social Responsibility Actions

What is Arcot Interiors doing to make the world a better place?

Sustainable Waste Removal

We use professional and Environment Agency registered waste removal companies which recycle majority all the waste collected from properties. By using companies like this we make sure that as much as possible of the waste produced during our interior projects is recycled and re-used. In addition, the company is constantly researching new ways to re-use the timber waste.

Supporting Local Workforce

We use local suppliers over large corporations as much as possible and for instance work with local tiles manufacturers to support local workmanship and businesses. Read more about our team members here.

Supporting Local Schools

Arcot Interiors actively supports children and their education by sponsoring local school’s fundraising events. In addition to this, the company is sponsoring local junior football teams to encourage children doing sports. One of the school’s Arcot Interiors is sponsoring is St Teresa’s Primary School next to the Heaton showroom.

Our Commitments for the Next 5 Years

Use Responsibly Sourced Materials

Use kitchen suppliers which use 100% responsibly sourced materials, for instance in kitchen cabinets. Moreover, we aim to have 40% of our kitchens sold made by recycled materials.

Recycle 100% of the Waste Timber

Upcycle or re-use 100% of the waste timber that comes from our projects. We aim to recycle the timber or even better create something new out of it.

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